Vote Flowers for Local 478 Delegate!

Vote Christopher Flowers for Local 478 Delegate!

Listen to the speech I gave at the Union Hall below:

My name is Christopher Flowers and I am running for delegate for Local 478. I want to thank everyone who has reached out to me over the past few months about running for office. I am honored to be considered to represent our membership. I would like to thank everyone for their time and efforts here at the hall and especially the election committee members who are setting aside their personal time to make sure we have a fair election.

I have been an IATSE member for over a decade and have seen first hand the technological changes that have impacted our industry. Working both on and off production, I have been exposed to the troubles that incompetent production management can put us through. I strive to be efficient and approachable when dealing with production headaches. I stay logical in high stress situations, and believe that the collective goal can be achieved through our unity and strength as labor. 

I have been on the other side of the table as well. For half a decade, I ran a consumer goods business. I used our union as a template to create a trade organization that fought for business rights as a competitive collective. I was elected President of that organization and I learned how to lead a group of competitors towards a greater common goal. Working with lobbyists and politicians, including the Secretary of Revenue, I helped negotiate the interpretation of new tax laws that affected our products. These experiences were invaluable to me when I decided to sell the business and return to my roots in the film industry. 

After I graduated from condor duty as a rookie, I became a cart guy, then a pocket guy. Not only did you not have to wait for a ladder, I was able to visualize and execute on a vision if given a goal. Being present and being able to predict needs on set was my winning strategy to be able to come back to the industry after running my business. As a rigging electrician, my bread and butter is leading the installation of large sets. I represent my department with pride, and can work with other department heads to achieve our goals. 

I am no stranger to representing others when it comes to taking action for a common goal. So much so, that I have joined the negotiations committee to help establish the best negotiation tactics and positions for our turn at the table this coming summer. I have no problem confronting authority and do not back down from a challenge. I am comprehensive in my assessments and make sure that both sides are heard equally when debating hot topics.

I am running for delegate because I can help pave the way for a better union, for better conditions on and off set, and ultimately a better life for all of us who dedicate so much time to our crafts. I understand how to use modern tools, to help analyze modern problems, and can help navigate our systems to modernize them if needed. Utilizing our technological advantage is key to increasing the great efforts that have been implemented over the past years, and I look forward to working with the others to establish a better union for all. 

If you wish to join me on this journey, please reach out to join the growing list of industry member endorsements.

I'm running for Delegate!

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Veteran Union Member



  • Over a decade of film production experience both on and off production
  • Finds efficient routes to accomplish the goals we face as union members
  • Experience working with productions and their offices
  • Understands the shift in technology occurring throughout the industry
  • Successful entrepreneur – Sold business through a negotiated sale with competitors
  • Built a community focused company based around a common goal
  • Communicated efficiently with customers and partners
  • Developed financial reports to ensure the business’s survival
  • Created marketing materials and developed tutorials to inform people about products
  • Helped organize and cook over 300 meals for Hurricane Ida relief support
  • Worked to help put tarps on members roofs during weather emergencies
  • Worked with competitors to establish a trade organization dedicated to lobbying for business rights
  • Understand the politics and working with lawmakers to achieve common ground

Strength, Strategy, Success

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