I have had an entrepreneurial spirit since elementary school. One of my favorite sayings is, “If you aren’t side hustling… you aren’t hustling.” While I developed my career in the film industry I started a side hustle called Crescent City Clouds. This would turn into a full time business venture for the next 5 years of my life. I grew and developed a brand of products within a highly competitive industry in addition to dealing with governmental regulatory bodies. 

Chris Flowers Crescent City Clouds
Crescent City Clouds

In late 2016, the New Orleans City Council decided to add our products to a smoking ban. This lead me to help form the Louisiana Vaping Association (LAVA). This org was dedicated to fighting for business rights within Louisiana and nationally when it came to education of our products. As President of LAVA I helped negotiate and interpret tax laws with the Louisiana Secretary of State. Educating policy makers and partnering with lobbyists helped develop a system for our products to succeed in Louisiana. 

Louisiana Vaping Association Logo

After 5 years in business, I decided to try my hand at exiting the industry as the regulatory burden became to much for a business my size. This was a whole new process that I had never experienced before. I called multiple business brokers so I could focus on the business while I tried to find a buyer. With brokers telling me I was too small or the regulatory burdens would be too much for a buyer, I once again took things into my own hands and dedicated the time to build a pitch deck, find lawyers, negotiated royalties, and finally accepting an offer on my business in an industry which had a death date due to FDA regulations. 

I am very proud of my work growing and developing Crescent City Clouds as a brand. Please check out the Creative Strategists section to see reviews of businesses I have helped grow.

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